FAST Industry Day Vinyl

25 October 2018, Abbey Road Studios

“Music’s changing fast: FAST is changing music.” To showcase five years of digital music research the FAST project hosted an invite only industry day at the renowned Abbey Road Studios. This event included technical demonstrations, talks, performances and a panel discussion that could shape the future of the recorded music industry.

The FAST project (Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption) explores new technologies to disrupt the recorded music industry and is a collaboration between researchers from Queen Mary University of London, the University of Nottingham and the University of Oxford.

Artcodes were used to create a digital program guide allowing guests to scan Artcodes at relevant locations and learn more about demonstrations, talks and performances. The one hundred and twenty attendees also had an opportunity to take home a unique vinyl record produced for the event with Artcodes on the record sleeve.

Click here to read more about the FAST Industry Day on the FAST project website.

CHI2018: Customizing Hybrid Products

Prof. Steve Benford presented the paper “Customizing Hybrid Products” at the 2018 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

This paper covers research insights into the customisable Artcodes Advent calendar.

“We explore how the convergence of the digital and physical into hybrid products leads to new possibilities for customization. We report on a technology probe, a hybrid advent calendar with both paper form and digital layers of content, both of which were designed to be customizable. We reveal how over two hundred active users adapted its physical and digital aspects in various ways, some anticipated and familiar, but others surprising. This leads us to contribute concepts to help understand and design for hybrid customization – the idea of broad customization spanning physical and digital; end-to-end customization by different stakeholders along the value chain for a product; and the combination of these into customization maps.”

You can view the paper on ACM Digital Library (subscription) or Nottingham ePrints (free).
DOI: 10.1145/3173574.3173604.

Make and Leave Your Contributions to the Museum

Join us for a workshop at the National Videogame Arcade (NVA) and you will be able to not only play games but also to share your personal game experience through drawing your own artcode and record your own story or reaction to the exhibition. Then you will be able to leave your contribution in the museum for the public to view.

The workshop is running Saturday 2 September and Saturday 9 September 11:00-17:00.

If you would like to take part but cannot make the above slots, please email: Susan Ali ( to arrange a date and time.


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1974 – Twitto, departing home from the official state visit to Republic of Syria and his friend – President Mohamed al Assad. This was their last meeting.


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1974 – President Twitto during a visit to NASA Space Center. Demonstration of the moonwalk. WHAT DID TWITTO TWEET WHEN THE AMERICANS DISCOVERED THAT HE IS AN ALIEN FROM ANOTHER PLANET? #manfromthestars #moonwalker #etgohome


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1963 – Moscow – Twitto attends an evening reception at hotel “Sovietskaya”. WHAT DID TWITTO TWEET AFTER TAKING HIS FIRST SHOT OF RUSSIAN VODKA? #russianstyle #forevervodka #drinklikealocal #fromrussiawithlove


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1971 – Conversation with president Nixon in the White House. Twitto was the only world leader allowed to smoke in the White House. WHAT DID TWITTO TWEET WHEN HE REALIZED THAT SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE WHITE HOUSE? #YOLO #cubalibre #gottasmoke #pushingboundaries #siemprefidel


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1969 – Fidel Castro’s visit to Twitto’s residence on the Brioni Islands, visiting vineyards and riding in his “Titomobile”. WHAT DID TWITTO TWEETED DURING THE RIDE? #rideordie #gearheads #wheelsonfire  #ridersonthestorm #pedaltothemedal