Artcodes is a new technology that allows users to interact with all manner of decorative imagery and patterns. It is triggered using a smart phone with our app. Users simply point the app at an image and the app triggers whatever interaction has been allocated to the code embedded in the image.


We have developed a new interaction technology that relies upon drawing and creativity to drive it. We call this the Artcode, a paradigm shift in visual recognition technology. The Artcode has all of the interactive properties of a QR code but with an in built aesthetic quality. Easy to draw, playful and poetic, the Artcode puts the human back into Computer Human Interaction. Images are programmed by observing some simple drawing rules, which once mastered enable the designer to create all manner of interactive imagery. The Artcode points to a future, where interactive devices such as smart phones and tablets are triggered by artwork, patterns, motifs and tags that adorn our built environment, our public spaces, our homes, our clothes and our objects.

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Try these guides to see how to draw and use Artcodes:


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