Artcodes on Carmina’s New Album

Artcodes features on Landmarks, the new album from Bristol-based jazz-folk fusion band Carmina. The title track was inspired by the Carolan guitar which also plays on the recording, so it seemed only sensible to incorporate Carolan’s Celtic Artcodes designed by Liz Jeal on the album cover too. Scanning the codes links to bonus materials including videos of the song being composed, recorded and performed.

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Artcodes and BBC R&D at Edinburgh Festival

Artcodes have joined with the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival for one afternoon. On Monday 8th August the team will be in the Blue Tent with the BBC, where festival-goers will be able to create interactive t-shirts.

Using Artcdodes as a platform, festival-goers will be invited to create a design on a t-shirt that represents something about their experience at Edinburgh so far. They will then be given the opportunity to create a photo capturing a moment at Edinburgh, and be enabled to associate it with their design. Embedding and preserving the moment in the design on the t-shirt.

This is part of a series of workshops and public engagement events that have been planned to understand social and cultural associations between objects and media, and contexts & relationships in which they sit. To inform wider work around gifting practices. Insights will inform future scenarios and the development of prototypes in the lead up to a public stall showcasing new forms of hybrid gifts.


Image: Van Es

Give a Voice to the Portraits with Horizon Artcodes technology

Following two successful exhibitions in Manchester and London, “Uncovering the Invisible” will be on display at Nottingham’s Lakeside Wallner Gallery, Mon 25 Jul – Sun 11 Sep (

“Uncovering the Invisible” is a photographic collaboration between British-Mexican photographers Pablo and Roxana Allison focusing on the diversity of backgrounds and life stories of Latin-American people living in the UK. While Latin Americans contribute economically and culturally to the shaping of British society, they remain unrecognised as an ethnic minority in law. The photographic project aims to shed light on this multi-ethnic group and to support and progress official recognition of this community.

Artcodes will enable you to not only meet members of the Latin American community through this series of striking portraits but also hear them tell their stories. For this exhibition, bespoke Artcodes were designed taking inspiration from the outline of the countries of the people portrayed. By scanning the Artcodes next to these portraits you will be given access to hidden content and listen to their stories for yourself.

Image: Image of Fernando Abadie by Pablo and Roxana Allison

An interactive tile panel

Artcodes have been working with Johnson’s Tiles design team to design an interactive tile panel that explores the domestic implementation of the Artcode technology. A series of design iterations explore the repetition of modern domestic patterns that are both interactive through scanning the artcode designs or purely decorative through use of aesthetically pleasing contemporary designs.

The Artcodes design team followed trend predictions by Johnson’s design teams, relating to colour, pattern and motif to design interior tiles that have a contemporary resonance. User groups explored the possible scenarios and interactions we can build into such an object.

The final collection of tiles describe a future where our domestic interiors enable any number of personal and beautiful interactions. Our prototype tile panel was displayed at the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent in 2015.

BCB tile panel

Image courtesy Clive Martin.

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