Artcodes and BBC R&D at Edinburgh Festival

Artcodes have joined with the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival for one afternoon. On Monday 8th August the team will be in the Blue Tent with the BBC, where festival-goers will be able to create interactive t-shirts.

Using Artcdodes as a platform, festival-goers will be invited to create a design on a t-shirt that represents something about their experience at Edinburgh so far. They will then be given the opportunity to create a photo capturing a moment at Edinburgh, and be enabled to associate it with their design. Embedding and preserving the moment in the design on the t-shirt.

This is part of a series of workshops and public engagement events that have been planned to understand social and cultural associations between objects and media, and contexts & relationships in which they sit. To inform wider work around gifting practices. Insights will inform future scenarios and the development of prototypes in the lead up to a public stall showcasing new forms of hybrid gifts.


Image: Van Es

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