How to draw an Artcode

Learn how to draw an Artcode with step-by-step instructions.

First, what is an Artcode?

how-to-draw-tutorial-1Artcodes allow everyone to create their own markers. By drawing visually beautiful images, you can link them to websites to showcase how interaction can become fun and beautiful.

An Artcode is made up of regions, a boundary and blobs, which represent a code.

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Region - An enclosed space.

Now it’s your turn!

On a piece of paper, follow us and start drawing with a black marker. We’re going to draw a butterfly with code 1:1:2:4:4.

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First draw the body, this will be our first region.

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      • Will says:

        Hi Ian,
        Currently all codes must be in ascending order. We should be introducing something to change this in the coming months!
        To link to websites you can use the Artcodes app which contains mappings from codes to websites. These mappings are called “experiences” and can be created & shared in the app.

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