An interactive coaster for Busaba Eathai

The Artcodes project has been working with the Busaba Eathai chain of restaurants to explore the implementation of Artcodes as a service level interactive device in the dining context. The challenge was to develop a series of decorated objects such as tableware, menus, placemats and coasters to enable the implementation of an interactive service in a sympathetic manner to the primary purpose of the restaurant; to serve food!

Through a series of scenario building workshops with diverse focus groups from designers and marketeers through to managers, waiters and chefs, we explored resonant implementation possibilities inline with Busaba’s 10 stages of service.

The fours coaster presented below are the entry level interactive device, aimed at incentivizing the loyalty element of their existing app. Users will be offered a range of free offers through scanning the coaster.

Busaba Coaster Designs

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