Camera focus problems

To interact with your calendar the camera needs to focus. If it says “tap to focus” on the screen point the camera at the sticker and tap the screen. If it does not say that on screen then your device will attempt to automatically focus, sometimes it seems like it wont focus when close up, to fix this zoom out a bit until the camera focuses and then zoom back in.

Problems sending/receiving calendars

If the send link is not clickable, leads to a page of text or doesn’t work for some other reason simply copy the full link or text and open the app to the first screen. Then scroll down and tap the small + Add button. Finally paste in the text box and tap Add. This will add the calendar manually.

A send link looks like this:

We are aware of issues with the Facebook and Twitter apps. Please use the method above if you see a page of text when opening the link in Facebook/Twitter.


Try updating to the latest version of the app, the updates fix many problems. If you’re still experiencing crashes get in touch ( and let us know what you were trying to do when it crashed, the app version, the version of Android/iOS and what device you have.

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